Motta 750ml Milk Pitcher Green

Long considered “the” jug for milk steaming, the Motta Europa Milk Jug features a classic design with a practical shape for rich, creamy, and consistent microfoam. Made in Italy for over 40 years, it’s refined and effective.

The jug is built with durable 18/10 stainless steel that encourages rapid and even distribution of heat throughout your milk. This encourages consistent steaming and gives you a few vital extra seconds to perfect your microfoam.

The wide bell bottom allows for a steady flow of milk circulation, breaking down large bubbles into fine microfoam. The aggressive pouring spout gives newcomers and veterans alike great control over pouring speed and strength.

The Motta Europa Milk Jug comes 750ml. The green industrial paint is food-safe and dishwasher friendly, though we don’t suggest using harsh chemicals or surfaces for cleaning.

The green is a great option if using alternate milk allowing the barista to easily distinguish between the different milks.



Heavy Stainless Steel – Distributes heat evenly throughout your milk, giving you extra time to produce rich and creamy microfoam.

Wide Bell Bottom – Encourages circulation for more consistent and finer microfoam.

Aggressive Pouring Spout – Gives you full control over your pouring speed and strength.

Pick A Size – Comes in 750ml.