Mazzer Major VP Electronic

Major VP


The Mazzer Major VP is the fastest grinder of the V line. Its innovative technologies allow for higher grinding speeds with lower RPM (revolutions per minute – 900 rmp @50Hz). Thanks to the high torque asynchronous motor the Major VP is designed to grind high volumes of coffee without overheating. The lower-revolution motor results in less noise and a longer lifespan for the grinder and its components.

Sporty attitude, refined details

The Major VP features red details to underline the sporty character of this grinder.
The aluminum ring over the Memory Track is anodized in red along with the circle around the knurled knob. The back metal plate is embellished with a red line painted around the Mazzer logo



Barista’s friend

The Major VP combines cutting-edge technology with ergonomic solutions designed for the barista’s needs.

  • Excellent dose repeatability for consistent in-cup results
  • Electronic features and IoT functionality for greater control over the coffee grinder
  • Consistently centers the flow of grinds into the basket with a fully adjustable portafilter holder
  • Index your grind settings with the Memory Track System (MTS)
  • Durable and eco friendly

Use: on demand

Version: electronic

Power: 650 watt

Grinding adjustment: Stepless micrometric grinding adjustment

Burrs: flat special steel burrs

Standard Burrs: K151H

Diameter standard burrs: K151H, Ø 83 mm (3 1/4 inches)

Weight: 21 kg (46 | 2 lbs)

RPM: 900 rpm @50Hz | 1080 rpm @60Hz

Body: aluminum die casting

Hopper capacity: 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs)

GFC: hybrid | antidust dampers

Cooling system: Double fan cooling system

IoT: Included

Output: high

Extraction method: espresso

Recordable time settings: 3


Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 30 × 43 × 46 cm