Kimbo Espresso Gold 100% Arabica Ground Coffee (20 x 250gr)

  • Intensity 6 / 6
  • Richness 6 / 6
  • Sweetness 5 / 6
  • Length 6 / 6
  • Body 5 / 6
Available in 20 x 250g Ground (packs)



Delicate and pleasant. An extraordinary blend of 100% fine arabica coffee from Central and South America. A delicate flavour and tantalizing.

Our 100% Arabica blend produces an espresso with an intense aroma, persistent crema and delicate flavour.

Our entire espresso range of beans is fresh and perfectly roasted for your pleasure. Specially selected premium quality beans form the basis of the Kimbo range, for an excellent espresso made with the finest Italian tradition. Kimbo’s range of blends has a great variety with something for everyone. Newly available in home-sized bags, these beans deliver on freshness and quality.

The Aroma Gold is also an excellent choice for a Morning Latte or Cappuccino.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 320 × 215 × 155 cm