Kimbo CIALDA Red ( 100 * GR 7 )-Napoli


  • Intensity – 6/6
  • Richness – 5/6
  • Sweetness – 5/6
  • Length – 6/6
  • Body – 6/6

Available in a box of 100 x 7g



As good as coffee at a bar in Naples, with its intense flavour and long-lasting cream: espresso is the ultimate of coffees, the most authentic interpretation of an all-Neapolitan art.
This classic, traditional Neapolitan dark roast is intense and full bodied, well suited for a stronger morning coffee with extra oomph!

Each single serving contains a perfect 7 grams of ground coffee, individually wrapped in a protective atmosphere to keep it just as fresh as the day the beans were ground!

Simply throw away after use – no fuss and no mess as the pods are 100% biodegradable. Kimbo espresso pods can be used in a home or professional pod machine

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 234 × 234 × 248 cm